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    Hi there girls, has anyone had full tummy tuck & liposuction? Would like to hear from anyone who can recommend a good surgeons name & prices: looking for a good price. Welcome any comments good or bad. Thanks girls xx


    I had fully tummy tuck – no lipo tho and I had a BA at same time. Mine was 8325 but that’s not with mya. I’m 10 days post op – dressings still on so no pics yet but happy to answer any questions u may have. Xx


    Hi ther thanks for ur reply, can I ask where u ad urs done? xx


    How much pain do u get, am trying to get a balance. Did u have muscles sewn back in place? xx
    Soz for keep askin but am a newbie for the tummy tuck & worrid about recovery time/length xx


    Hey, no problem! I’m two weeks post op now and I can stand up and walk around fine. It’s pretty sore for first week or so and I couldn’t do much up until the last few days. I didn’t need my muscles stitched as they were quite firm and in place already so think I have recovered quicker because of that. Most girls I’ve spoken to said two- three weeks until they could stand straight. They also said they had swelling up until 6 or 7 months. I have swelling but it’s not bad. I had a pretty flat stomach from exercising religiously it was just lose skin from having my twins 12 years ago. I’d guess it depends who much skin you need removing and I think lipo is a little tougher to recover from. Xx


    Hello, I had a full tummy tuck with mr Singh a couple of years ago. I had my muscles sewn up. Gotta say my stomach was really bad and it made a massive improvement. So pleased with my stomach. I wasn’t fat just had a lot of stretched skin. Would defo recommend mr Singh. Was quite sore afterwards well more stiff to be honest. My daughter was 6 months old and my son was nearly 2 when I had it done. Xx


    Thank you for your feed back girls. I will cont to do more research before i make any decision. Im 53 & had 7 children, all grown up now tho.. Just a little me time xx

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