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    Hi all I had Breast augmentation 10 years ago with a 380 natural implant I now need an uplift and been offered 450cc /500cc round implants I’ve went for 500cc which I have end of month on top of muscle same as what I have now but I’m thinking will they be too big I don’t want to look too busty I’m 5ft 3 and a size 10 does anyone have any pictures of both implants


    Hi, I had 525cc natural implant over 12yrs ago and just had them removed now and replaced with 450cc round with an uplift. I’m 10 days post surgery. I only dropped down a size as surgeon was worried if he lifted the size they were then they’d drop within 6mths. But I’m sure as yours are only a 380 current then they’d be ok to lift then go bigger. They probably would look bigger on you with only being 5ft3, compared to myself who’s 5ft10. But depends how you want them to look.

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