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    Hi all, I had my breast reduction and uplift on Monday, the 6th of November 2023 at the Preston first trust hospital. Dr Mounir was my surgeon. Before my operation, I was a 34HH. I have had no children. I am roughly a size 12 or 14 in clothes. I have always had large breasts and they always had a massive drop. I requested to be approximately a 34C/D. The team at the hospital were lovely. I had my own private room with a bathroom in. I had different people come and see me throughout the day like the nurse, the surgeon, the doctor and the anaesthetist. My admission time was 9:30 in the morning. However, there were a few people before me so I didn’t end up going down to theatre until approximately 1:30 pm. The surgery went very smooth when I woke up I was very dazed as expected. I was taken from recovery to my room where there were multiple people looking after me. I was given some strong painkillers. I had compression socks on as well as these special compression machines which go on your calves. Sleeping was difficult as people are checking on you constantly and taking your blood pressure. Checking your heart rate and temperature and topping you up with pain medication. I barely slept due to being so uncomfortable and my whole body being itchy due to the morphine. In the morning I was sick multiple times, and whenever I went to stand up I would nearly faint. The nurses gave me multiple doses of anti-sickness. I was also given an injection into my stomach to help prevent blood clots. I had bloods taken multiple times to check my haemoglobin levels, I managed to eat small amounts. I was discharged later than expected due to being so weak and vomiting. I was eventually discharged after my one nights day and made the dreaded journey home, which was approximately three hours. However, I was actually very comfortable in the car. I reclined the seat and had comfortable clothing as pillows and supports. Stayed with my mum for a few days as she had to help me to the toilet a few times and also help me wash for approximately five days. She also helped me monitor my medication and basically did everything for me for the first few days. It has been slow progress for me. I had my dressings changed yesterday which was day eight. It was not painful in the slightest. I had new dressings put on for another week. However since having my dressings changed yesterday I have had lots of pain. The nurse said this was to be expected, as after the first dressings are removed, the breasts makes it slightly different and Move a bit more. I find most of my pain is round my nipples which is a very sharp pain. I also get very sharp pains right round the sides as my incisions go along my rob cage. When I saw the nurse yesterday for my dressing change, she said everything was healing great. I managed to look at my breasts without the dressings when she was changing them and cleaning them and they were extremely bruised. None of the stitches have dissolved at this point. I am still taking things extremely slow and have very limited movement. I have had some side-effects from the medication such as constipation which was severe and also diarrhoea and black stool from the iron tablets I was prescribed due to my haemoglobin being a bit low. During the first week, I had a little bit of leakage, which is it to be expected, nothing to be alarmed about. I have been using the MYA/Macom bras. They are not the best, but do the job. I bought two of the regular bras and two of the comfortable nighttime bras. I have seen the shape of my breasts and I am extremely happy with the results so far. It is still very early days but I can see a huge difference in my posture, my clothing, how everything looks. I am looking forward to Christmas as by then I should be relatively fully healed. Please feel free to ask me any questions.


    Please please can you show the before and after pics and visual progress of the scarssss please, I’m in the same boat due to be operated soon x


    Thank you so much for sharing your story ❤️ I’m going in for the same procedure and with the same surgeon in May.

    How long roughly did it take for you to be able to move your arms again?
    I get everyone’s different but I’m just trying to work out for work 🤦‍♀️

    Also the bras – would you recommend any others?
    Been looking on vinted as they seem so expensive for a few weeks wear.

    I hope you’re loving your new boobs 🫶🏽


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