Has anyone had a reduction + uplift with implants? Started by: RGR01

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    I’ve been looking into getting a reduction/lift for years now because I’m a G cup and my boobs lost their perkiness after losing 5 stone a few years ago.

    I want to have a reduction but also an implant put in so that I can still have the fullness in the upper pole of my boobs and hopefully have longer lasting results as I have not yet had children. Has anybody had an implant as part of their reduction or somebody with large boobs that has an uplift and implant?

    If so did you like the results?
    Any before and afters would be massively appreciated! x


    Did you have this done? I am currently booked in for a reduction, uplift and implant! A saggy 34DD and looking at FF/G implants xx

    RGR01 1

    Hi chick, I haven’t unfortunately! Sorry that I couldn’t be more help 🙁

    Wishing you the best of luck with your surgery though and would love to speak to you afterwards About how it went!! Xx

    Miss M 10

    Hi, did you have this done ? I’m booked into have this procedure! How did it go?

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