Has anyone had open septo with Dr Hamadeh? Started by: kaylie

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    Just had a consultation with him, and It felt very rushed. He seemed nice and everything, and his work on Instagram is great. I’m just nervous as I need to take my own pictures and morph my nose into what I’m wanting, and apparently show him what I want on the day. Is that normal? And I just wanted to know your guys experiences. Thank you. 🙂


    Hi, I’m currently booked in for open septo with Dr Hamadeh (surgery is in a week) and that does seem normal as I was also asked to take my own pictures and morph my nose into what I’d like. I’ve heard of other surgeons doing the morph for you but that hasn’t been my experience. I think it’s so the Dr understands exactly the changes you’re hoping for – I used a couple of different apps, just make sure to take them from a few angles and completely side-on so you can compare the after result.

    It can feel like a lot to take in and quite overwhelming in your consultation but try not to worry, I had an e-consultation recently to ask a few more questions I had since our consultation and he was happy to go through them with me – so if you felt rushed definitely speak to your PC to arrange a video call 🙂

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