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    I am a mum of 2 and since having my boys I have hated my body, fluctuating weight with fad diets but have been contemplating liposuction over the last 12 month’s and not sure I am a candidate for it? I am a size 12 I have stubborn fat areas on my stomach and ribs area and have been back and fourth about whether to get in touch with mya for a while but I’m afraid they will turn around and say there is nothing they can do for me! I just want to feel confident in my body again! Also considering breast aug at same time! Any advice would be helpful!

    Thanks again


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    I’m a size 12 and I’ve just had my Vaser Lipo on abdomen and flanks I’m only 4 days post opp and I’m incredibly sore and swollen but no harm in going for your consultations x

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