Help! What on Earth do I pack!!?? Started by: Jennifer

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    So I’m having Vaser to 4 areas this Saturday (3 days!!) and I can’t decide what to pack and what to leave? I’m going to the First Trust hospital and I’m staying the night.

    Any helpful suggestions? Also has anyone else had Vaser here? How was the experience overall?

    Thanks xxx

    Anonymous 1

    Hi Jennifer
    I had lipoplasy yesterday I’m not sure of the difference? Also in Preston. Everyone there are soooo nice an friendly honestly nothing is to much. Clothes wise I would take black loose clothing for the day after believe me when I tell you you will not need any pjs you leak that much u won’t put them on!! I’d literally take ur phone an charger, an ur clothes for the day after. Maybe a dressing gown for pottering around xxxx

    Jas b

    Hey ladies . Literally just pack loose joggers and a loose sweatshirt . A toothbrush and paste and a flannel. Definitely need your phone and charger . Once you have your garment on they put you back in the gown . Feet do swell up so just make sure your shoes are comfortable .and loose . A nice sized bag for the pads and tablets to go in .

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