How long before you see full effect of rhinoplasty Started by: Faye Mitchell

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    Hi I had my rhinoplasty 2 weeks ago today to remove a hump. Since having the splint off I keep checking in the mirror and thinking that the hump doesn’t look that different? Advice from anyone who is further on in post op

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    Hi Faye,
    How is it looking now ?
    I am booked in for next week so curious and nervous to see


    Hey, who did you book that with? It looks fantastic

    Aggie W 1

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    Wow I think you look great!! I’m really keen on getting this done but am so so so scared of messing with stuff on the face – how was it when you woke up? Was it really sore?? And can I ask how much it cost you? Feel free to PM if preferred but would love to learn more as yours looks great – which surgeon did you have? x


    Hi sorry for late reply I had surgeon giani, but of a shock at first I won’t lie. The swelling and bruising were bad but no pain. Now nearly 3 months on and I don’t regret it.

    NB -1

    Hello everyone,

    I can’t seem to find where to start my own subject so I’ll put this here. I had rhinoplasty over 2 weeks ago and since my steri strips came off 4 days ago, my nose has started to drop a bit on the bridge/tip, creating a beak like effect. My surgeon said it will go down once the swelling has gone but I’m stressing it won’t. Please advise! Thank you

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