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    The health and safety of our patients and colleagues is our main priority and is in line with the Government advice. To ensure care is directed to treat those patients affected by this disease, we are currently unable to offer post-operative reviews in our clinics.

    While most patients do not experience difficulties after breast implant surgery, please note if you have the following:

    – If you are experiencing firmness, hardening, tightening around the implant
    – If you are experiencing mild to chronic pain
    – If you have distortion in the shape and position of the breast

    If you believe you are experiencing the above, we advise you to contact your MYA clinic only once the COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted and we will arrange a review appointment with your Surgeon.


    Hi I had my op in 2012 but I’m 3 months post baby and my right breast seems to have changed. I can feel a ridge in my bread above my nipple and I’m not sure if my implant has moved or not.
    I have been to the doctors today to check she seems to think it’s thick tissue but I would like to speak to someone at Mya for peace of mind and ask if this can happen after having a baby?
    I’ve had no problems at all until now…
    Thank you x


    Hello.. it’s been about 8 months now since I got my breast augmentation.. however my implants still haven’t dropped, and the implants almost feel “stuck” is this normal?

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