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    Hey girls! I’m in the process of labiaplasty surgery currently have a consultation booked with Mr Simons. Has anyone seen him before? I am slightly worried I will not have enough of my labia minora trimmed away. I understand not all of it can get cut away but Im just really hoping it won’t look worse than it already does.


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    Hey hun I had labiaplasty and hoodectomy on the 23rd I’m soooooo swollen so I can’t see how much has been took away yet 🤣 but I had mr mileto xx


    Hi, sorry to jump on this post but I’m wanting a hoodectomy and labiaplasty and was curious how much I would be looking at paying. Would you mind sharing with me what you paid? Thank you x


    Hi have you had yours done? I seen Dr Simon’s on Tuesday & was wondering the same thing…

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