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  • Ellie 8

    I have waited 4 years to get this procedure done. Since I was 14 and I have just turned 18 at the weekend. It’s a shame that I won’t know when I will be able to get the procedure done because of Covid of course. I have my online consultation this week. If you have had the procedure, could you please tell me if you get a say in how much is taken off? When looking at the before and after photos on the website, I can see that some girls’ labia is not visible but some girls’ look as if they have not had much taken off at all. I am worrying at the moment about it because I have wanted it done so long and I really hope I will be happy with the results


    I feel the same I’m worried to spend all this money and not being happy with the results

    Ellie 8

    I guess you risk that. But if you’re insecure about it, then I’m sure any change will make you more confident


    On your consultation they will draw on you with a pen to show what they will remove and explain why. If you want more off just tell them.

    Katy 5

    12 days pre op for labiaplasty and hoodectomy. I didn’t have a say in how much was taken off although I mentioned I didn’t want it visible on appearance anymore and I couldn’t be happier. It’s basically all gone and I feel soo much comfortable already. Wish I did it years ago

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