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  • Chloe 6

    I’m looking for people who have had a labiaplasty done with MYA. I’m curious to know roughly how much (I’m considering hoodectomy as well), who they had (I’d like Mr Miletto as he did my BA 5 years ago), and if they’re happy with the results.

    I’ve always been so self conscious about my labia and I instantly feel embarrassed when my partner goes to touch me down there and the first thing they come into contact with is my labia, and then it’s having to reposition it to actually get to my vagina. I honestly want to cry. They say they really don’t care and haven’t even ever thought about what it looks like down there, that’s not what’s on their mind of course haha.. but I just hate it so much and it makes me so sad.

    There aren’t really enough pictures on here though that make me feel comfortable with going ahead. I just don’t want it to end up looking weird having it chopped off. Like I’m not looking for getting a full on p**n star vagina, but I wish the skin just didn’t completely cover my clit and vagina because I hate having to move it out of the way, and it pinching when it gets caught or pushed in. It’s literally so embarrassing *sigh*

    Jen 5

    I had a labiaplasty and hoodectomy in the beginning of July, I’m now 4 weeks post opp. I completely get how you feel! For me I got it done for comfort and yeah, in intercourse it was a bit of a discomfort. I’m still healing but can tell you so far I’m very happy with the results. I had Dr Miletto for the procedure, he was nice!

    I was very swollen to begin with and took two weeks off work. One side still has a bit of swelling and some scabbing but other than that things are looking good. If you talk to him during your consultation I’m sure he’d be able to personalise the surgery for you. If you have another other questions feel free to DM!

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