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    I’ve wanted a labiaplasty ever since I first heard about it over a decade ago. (I’m 28)
    And I’ve wanted to fix my bothersome labia even longer than that-they just get in the way!
    I want to know what to expect from someone who’s had it done, any recommended surgeons in the Liverpool area and how long I would really need off work.
    The only thing stopping me is whether I’d get the finance and the horror stories.


    Hi I’m currently post op day 5 and I would not reccomend it I really regret it , I feel like my clitoris has been botched , the hood was operated on even though me and my surgeon had both said this would not be the case whilst I was awake. I’ve woken up to an unrecognisable vagina and even though people keep saying wait for the vagina swelling to go down I feel like it’s not even swollen anymore and can tell my clit has been cut across ! I’m so upset this has ruined my life and relationship with my partner .

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