labiaplasty and hoodectomy Started by: Ellie

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  • Ellie 8

    I am awaiting a date to meet with a surgeon but during my online consultation, I was informed that I could get both of these procedures done at the same time. I never really property considered getting my hood trimmed as I was too fixed on my labia alone but now I am considering where the pain I feel may be from excess skin on the hood. Has anybody had both of these procedures done at the same time?


    Have you booked in for this yet? I’m really wanting to get it done but just don’t know where to start! And was wondering what the price of the procedure is?x

    Ellie 8

    I saw you commented on the pricing question somebody asked so Ive actually replied to that if you saw. I have booked my surgery for this year. I think it is definitely worth having a free consultation to be given all the information. And you do not have to make any final decisions xx

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