Labiaplasty & Hoodectomy Started by: Rachel

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  • Rachel 12


    I’m booked in for a consultation as I’m interested in having a labiaplasty & hoodectomy, this is something I’ve wanted for years! I might go for the all 3, just wondering if anyone knows average price for all 3? How long are you supposed to not have sex? The best surgeon for this? I’m in Yorkshire,

    Thanks so much,

    Rach x

    Lucie 8

    Hi Rachel, I had my op with him having chased him for years with transform as MYA messed me around so much. I’m now two weeks post op and I can’t even tel you how much of an amazing downstairs I now have it’s perfect! Swelling and pain hasn’t been bad at all, and I’ve only took paracetamol. I went back to work 3 days after and drove 7 days after let me know if you have any other questions but he is the best in the country xx


    Hi Lucie,
    Can I ask which surgeon you are referring to?


    Hello I too live in Yorkshire and am waiting for a consultation at Leeds for the same procedures. I too want to know who the best surgeon is in this field, I have read lots about Dr Ibrahiem but unsure where he works from?

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