Labiaplasty pre-children? Started by: Kirsty

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  • Kirsty 37

    Just a question as to whether anyone has had labiaplasty before having kids? I’ve always been paranoid about my labia and would love to have labiaplasty, however, I am yet to have children and do not want any children for at least another 3 years. Just wondering if anyone has/is in the same position? And whether it’s worth it to have it pre-children or just to wait?

    Hay0202 6

    Hi I’m 28 pre children and I had my labiaplasty 3 days ago .. I was thinking the same as you I’m almost at the age where I would want kids but happy to hold off another 3 or 4 years but decided life is too short and I can’t imagine it will look too much worse after child birth not half as bad as if you’d stayed at how you was pre … that’s my thoughts anyway you never know what’s around the corner x

    Alice P

    I recommend that you wait. Having a baby ripped me front ways, the midwife stitched me back up but I need surgery to correct it because the labia minora on one side is only half attached so it kinda dangles down..sorry for tmi. Ripping doesnt happen to everyone but it could happen.. im gonna get mine corrected when im done having kids.

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