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    Im interested in increasing the fullness of my lips, I have quite big lips but I feel like they lack fullness in comparison to their size.. Ive got a few questions;
    How long do the effects last for
    When the effects fade do your lips become smaller/thinner than your natural lips before you had them done
    Every how often do they need to be done
    And how does it work (i.e: how is fullness measured, what do they inject and how)

    Please don’t be pressured to answer all my questions, just an answer to one would be very much appreciated. If there are any girls who’ve had theirs done and have pics I’d love to see your amazing results.
    Thanks girlss xx


    good questions hun ive been thinking of having the same as you and these are good questions plus how much are they ? if anyone knows give us a shout x thanks girls xx

    smoggs 3

    hi girls ive had mine done 3 times. The first time i had 1ml and the 2nd and 3rd i just had 0.5mls and i felt 1 ml was a little too much. The effects last around 6 months for me but i think everyone is different depending on how fast your body breaks it down. my lips defo arent as thin as b4 even when it wears off.
    sometimes u can have a dental block (i did the first time) but now i just have it injected as some of them contain a numbing agent anyway. the swelling lasted around a week for me x


    @smoggs thank you for replying hun, its amazing to know that your lips didnt go back as thin as your natural lips, I thought they would go thinner than before you had them done. Ive got a few questions I hope you dont mind answering them 🙂
    How much does it cost to have both lips injected? (Does that depend on the mls of each injection)
    Also what is a dental block?
    Are there any risks/ negative side effects of having them done.
    Thank you huni xx

    smoggs 3

    it depends on what look you want really. the first time i paid for 1ml and had 0.7mls in the top and 0.3 in the bottom lip.

    the second time i paid for 0.5mls i had 0.4 in the top and 0.1 in the bottom and the 3rd time i just had 0.5 in the top.

    the dental block is like you have in the dentist b4 having ur teeth out, to be honest i wouldnt reccomend it i managed just fine without it and i found it hard to eat or drink afterwards.

    i think the side effects are swelling, lobsidedness etc. mine were a bit uneven the 2nd time but they settle nicely with a bit of massage.

    im hoping to have mine done again at xmas x


    @smoggs thanks hun! Do you have any pictures of before and afters, if you don’t mind? Im interested in having them done but I’d like to see some real results before. Also how much does it cost to have 1ml? I most probably would have 0.1ml top and 0.9ml bottom too. Is lopsidedness very evident if it was to happen? As in does the lip tilt to the side when you talk? X

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