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    So I’ve got my surgery booked in June with Dr Joffily and have my pre op and surgery consultation with Dr Joffily booked in for the end of May! Super nervous! Getting stomach arms and flanks done!! Does any one have any advice or before and after pics? As super nervous about results as I have a lot of abdominal fat, currently weighing in at 11stone, hold most fat on my stomach and arms:( any tips or advice would be appreciated!!


    Hiya Christie hope your well/

    Ive had my surgey with Dr Volk amazing guy. Don’t be nervous, be clear what you want. Ive had my inner tighs, knees, upper & lower abs, flacks and bra roll.

    I am day three had my dressing changed but I have been able to move around and function as much as normal. I am swollen but so far pleased with the results.
    If you need any advice let me know.




    Hi Marie!

    Thank you for your reply!! Hope you recover well and are pleased with your results!! Glad to know your moving around comfortably too! 🙂 thank you! X


    Hi christie!
    Just wondered how your surgery with Dr. Joffily went as I’m thinking of him as my surgeon?
    Hope it went well!
    Thank you

    Marta 2

    Hey Ladies! I had my Vaser with Dr J yesterday. I have been able to walk testerday afternoon and today. I am in a bit of pain but perfectly fine to walk, take work calls etc. The most annoying thing is that I can’t really sit: the garment and bruising makes it super uncomfortable. Standing, walking, laying on my back is fine. Basically you feel like you’re 9months pregnant.

    I’m not really swollen other than my labia. They are massive!! I hope it will go away:) tomorrow i have my first post op.

    Marta 2

    Oh I figured I would also send you some pics and advise: first thing you do is go charity shopping for way oversized clothes. It makes your life just a little bit less miserable, to have something that hides the garment.

    Also sex is possible though a bit awkward. I find it helps with pain, tho:)

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    Marta 2

    Photo #2

    Lucy 5

    Hi Marta,

    I have my surgery booked in 5 weeks. I was wondering what areas you had done and is that a 4D vest? How long do you have to wear it?

    Thank you.


    I was wondering if anyone’s 4d vests have changed shape I had my lipo on my back 2 weeks ago and not it really folds in on my waist and all around my back is this normal and it’s not flat anymore ?? Thanks

    Paula 7

    Hey Alex,
    my vest is the Same, it’s driving me insane.. I’ve been wondering if I should get another but guess that if it’s in place still it’ll do the job. Roll on 4 weeks so it can go!

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