Liposuction which type is best? Started by: Kia

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  • Kia

    Ive had 2 children i didnt put on much weight but my weight has dispersed to the places i dont want. I want some removed from my lower tummy and inner thighs and under my bra. I was wondering whicg type would be best for this and recovery as i said before i have 2 kids at home to look after i can get help but was just wondering what people woukd suggest.
    Thank you


    Hi, did you get the liposuction in the end? If so which one did you go for? I’m in the same situation but all the reviews seem to be on the Vaser not traditional lipo! Any help would be grateful thank you x

    leanne 1

    Vaser is a quicker recovery and I have been told it provides better results. I have had vaser and can help with questions you may have x


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    Did you see a change when you had Vaser done I have my consultation and just making sure I’m going for the right one? X

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