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    Hello Beautiful Ladies!
    I’ve been thinking about breast enlargement for sometime and after doing a lot of research Mya seems like the place to go! I was wondering if some of you ladies could help me with some of the following questions please?
    How long do you have to wait for a consultation? Then how long after that do you have to wait for the actual surgery?
    How long were you sore/ find it hard to move after surgery?
    How long before you can wear normal bra’s etc again?
    In general is the surgery really sore during/ or afterwards ?
    I work at an office desk. how long should I wait to go back to work?

    Also if any of you have any other hints or tips it would be most appreciated?
    Thank you all 🙂 xxx

    Hannah 16

    Hi Hun,
    Just thought I would try and answer some of your questions!
    You can usually get your initial first consultation as soon as you want, and from then to surgery I’ve seen some girls wait as little as a month but it’s all about how quickly you can fit it in and when you want it! You can secure your date without your deposit. And you need to fit in meeting your surgeon and your pre op appointment too.. But it’s possible! I think it definitely depends on the availibilty of both you and your surgeon 🙂 …
    Regarding pain after surgery, again I think it depends on you as a person but also unders are supposed to be a lot more painful than overs .. I had unders 5 days ago now and I wasn’t expecting so much pain but I know it’s worth it for the result and it’s easing off already! So just a few days of pain and help from people around is so worth it in the long run. Some girls hardly feel pain and just a little discomfort! Ice packs, V pillows, MACOM bra and all your home comforts make all of this easier. Pain relief of course haha!
    You are supposed to wait 6 weeks until you get measured but they can still change even after that.. So usually sports bras and your MACOM bra until then! Or no bra with under wire.
    Your PC will be able to answer so many more questions and will probably answer things before you even ask them too.
    I think they always recommend a week off but I don’t think that’s enough after having under the muscle.
    I’m going back to work on Friday for the day then have the weekend free then back to normal office hours starting Monday.. Friday should ease me in and il be post op day 10! I think office work is doable after a week but may be a bit rushed.

    I hope I’ve helped a little feel free to add me or ask anything. This forum is like where I live at the moment and has helped soooo much throughout xxxxx


    Hi Hannah,
    Aww thank you so much for getting back to me!
    Your answers have really helped!! I’m just a big woos when it comes to pain lol could handle a few days for sure but don’t think I could do a few weeks
    Aghh your so lucky having yours all done! are you happy with your results so far?
    I’m so confused with the whole over, unders thing lol think I will need the surgeon to explain that one a few times!

    Me too lol, I’ve been reading things and looking over everything on the site for months lol xxxx

    Alice 9

    Thought I’d try and help
    The consultations are pretty fast, they run a few a week so depends on your availability and how busy they are. and surgery isn’t long after I only had 1date I could do which was 4weeks later and they got me it.
    I’m one week post op and been struggling to do anything, everyone finds it different, the fitter and healthier you are normally the easier recovery is. I’m getting their but found it tough. I had to have understood, which take longer than overs
    I think it’s 6weeks before you can wear a normal bra, again just depends on your recovery, some more some less. Some surgeons use strapping for the first week, and then after you live in a Macom or sports bra 24/7.
    You won’t feel anything during the op and after It is abit sore but it is surgery after all. You have loads of pain relief so u can’t feel it. (Due to medical reasons I’ve had to do it without pain relief and it has been ok)
    And you can help yourself for example ice packs and eats as much protein as possible leading up to op and after (helps u heal), etc
    And regarding to time off You would get a professional sick note off Mya, (work wouldn’t know what it’s for other than surgery) that’s normally 2weeks (however It’s not paid sick play so I’ve used holiday)
    You get a patient coordinator who you can ask anything to, they are great!
    It is painful but it’s worth it !
    Hope that’s some help ? X


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    The other girls have given great answers but I just wanted to tell you my own personal experience.
    I had my first consultation on May 21st and my operation 1st August. Between those dates I went to my clinic a total of four times, for my initial consultation, twice to meet with two different surgeons and finally for my pre-operative check. You can get it all done pretty quickly, and if you’re able to be a little flexible with the date you might be able to get a late space which tends to be cheaper as well.
    1 week off work is usually considered sufficient for office work, but use your judgement. If you know you’ll be lifting a heavy box of files or have to reach up high a lot (to shelves etc) you might want to consider having a second week off 🙂

    Here is a link which includes a diagram of the difference between unders and overs http://infoplasticsurgery.com/breast/augmentation/implants/position/
    I had unders,

    I would liken the pain to having done a really intense day of upper body exercise at the gym. But my pain tolerance is pretty good, it varies for everyone! I took one pain killer 4 times a day for my first few days, mostly because it helped me sleep! Then after that it got to be gradually less and now I don’t need anything. xxx


    Thank you so much for your replies lady’s I really appreciate it !
    So desperate to get it done :):)
    I live just outside of Glasgow so think I would be travelling to Manchester? So do you have to go and see the consultants quite a lot? just so i have a rough idea of how often I would be travelling up and down.

    Thank you again all <3 xxxxx

    Hannah 16

    I had my consultation,
    Meeting the surgeon ( I only chose to meet one as was happy with him and wanted him )
    Pre op
    Then operation in preston ..
    And then post op tomorrow..

    So before your actual operation just 3 times minimum 🙂 xxxx

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