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    I’ve just joined and thought I’d create a topic for male procedures, as there isn’t one.

    I’m totally new to the cosmetic surgery world and I’m still researching. I’m interested in 2 procedures.

    The first is a rhinoplasty; my nose was broken a few years ago and I didn’t get it fixed at the time (stupid, I know). I’m self-conscious about it’s wonkiness, although it’s not too bad and generally people don’t think it’s been broken unless I tell them. But I’d like it corrected, and I think it would boost my self-esteem.

    Okay, deep breath. This is a bit uncomfortable. The 2nd procedure I’m researching is penis enlargement. I’m still in the initial stages, so I don’t know if it’s even possible really. My partner says that there’s no problem with my penis, and I’m kind of being a typical man obsessed with size. But I can’t deny that it would boost my self confidence, and I would be happier with my penis if it were bigger (never thought I’d write that sentence).

    I’d really appreciate advice from anyone; I don’t talk about this with anyone except my partner, so it’d be good to hear some opinions from women and men who know more these topics than I do.


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