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  • Shona

    Hey ladies !!
    I live just outside of Glasgow and was told there was a Mya clinic there is this correct?
    If so has anyone been and what is it like?/ best surgeon?

    Otherwise I travel to Manchester a lot as I am a season ticket holder so was thinking of booking an appointment there…
    Same question as above, has anyone been? What was it like and best surgeon?

    Thank you so much for any help ladies 🙂 🙂 xxxxx


    @donnajo137 awww amazing thank you so much babe!xx how are you healing up are you doing okay ?xxx

    Donna -1

    @sxmcco my pleasure Hun. Healing well, I definitely feel more human today, pain has eased and I don’t feel as groggy. The strapping is driving me a little crazy as its itchy but the weather is so hot too so that isn’t helping but if that’s the worst after only a few days then I’m happy ?
    Aw I hope you decide on a clinic soon and get the process going, I’m so glad i did and I just did it quickly too, only 6 weeks from initial consultation to op, wish I’d done it years ago!! Xxx

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