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    This may not be allowed on here but I’m going to try posting it anyway.

    I’m going to share this because I’ve got nothing to lose by doing so.
    Ever since I remember, my Dad suffered with depression. He was agoraphobic, didn’t leave the house. Some days he didn’t get out of bed. I was the person who cared for him most. I remember cooking and cleaning and doing the shopping from ten years old. One reason behind my Dad’s depression was because of his weight. Which came about through multiple health issues.
    About three/four years ago (though he’s written two on his gofundme page – him and time don’t mix!) he had a gastric bypass after losing as much weight as he could on his own. He’s lost 12 stone. He’s come such a long way since I left home at 19. Which despite it being scary, me leaving home was probably the best thing for him I ever did.
    He’s changed his life. He’s working full to.d for the first time since I was about 8 – I’m 25. He started seeing people again since splitting with my mum when I was four and he’s engaged. He’s learned to drive. His diabetes is gone and he’s on a lot less medication these days.
    So here I am, a proud daughter sharing my Dad’s story as he tries to raise the funds for his final surgery, a tummy tuck basically, he has a lot of loose skin that needs removing and it needs doing to continue his new lease on life. I never thought I’d see Dad create one of these pages, I know it’s taken him a lot of guts to do it. It probably won’t work which I know will dent his confidence, but at least he can say he tried.
    I also don’t expect anyone to donate here, guess I just wanted to get the story out there and I can share much more freely here than just on my profile.

    I was fortunate enough to have someone who could fund my surgery, if I could pay for my Dad’s operation, I would in a heartbeat.

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    Ribena 4

    I just donated i hope ur dad gets his surgery it’s a very touching story … god love his heart <3

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