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    Thought I would share with everyone my experience as I know how scary it is. So right from the beginning, my treatment coordinator was Candice, she has always been there to text whenever I needed anything or reassurance, on my first consultation everyone was so friendly and Candice answered all of my questions that I had. On my appointment with the surgeon to discuss sizes etc, again he was lovely (Mr Gary Traynor), he is very forward and very informative but he just wants to make sure you no what your doing and make you aware of the risks. From my surgeon appointment to my surgery date (September 26th) I seen the nurses who were all lovely & of course I had Candice there to text whenever I needed to. So my surgery date was yesterday, I was SO nervous. I was 40 minutes early for my admission time but I got taken down to my room straight away, I changed into my gown, socks and did a pregnancy test& the nurse came in and had a chat with me about my medical history etc.. I had to wait around for a while but it went so quick and I had the Tv to watch and I had visits from several staff and then my surgeon. When it was time to go down I got quite upset and nervous but the nurse was so lovely and chatted to me throughout it all. The needle In my hand did not hurt one bit (which I was worried about)! Next thing I no I woke up in recovery and was taken back to my room where my best friend was then brought back in. I had checks every 30 minutes for around 3 hours, I had my tea and toast & then was discharged around 9pm. I am now 1dpo and I’m not in pain it’s just sore and uncomfortable which is to be expected, I’m just keeping up with my pain killers and relaxing. All I can say is I can not fault mya one bit for the experience I have had, everyone was so lovely! Ps: I recommend to get a pregnancy pillow and an airplane pillow to sleep with in bed, I have no trouble sleeping upright and it’s so comfy! If you have any questions just let me no! I’ll be happy to answer anything! 🙂

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