My surgeon didn’t show me implants or try on? Started by: Sophie

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    I’m a little confused. I am 100percent satisfied with my surgeon in the fact they are one of the best & I’m confident with them but when I came for appt I was measured and I explained I wanted to be natural smaller than larger like a full B as I have tubular breasts and not too much tissue. I thought I had option to try them on in bra does that come in the final consultation because they have to be ordered? I can’t even quite remember the sizes I’m not good with numbers but it was under 300cc , around 225cc 255cc 275cc something like that under muscle I’m AA now


    I should say my next appt is blood tests etc with the nurse and then it’s surgery day. So would it not be til surgery day that I would see the implants. Also they will be teardrop under muscle


    Hi, I’m in the same situation, gully trust my surgeon and we’re going for something subtle. I wanted 230cc, but he’s recommending 275cc. I would not want to go against his recommendations but haven’t tried any on either. Only seen the 3D images he’s created. Have you got the after pictures. My procedure is on Tuesday x

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