My tummy tuck journey- admission to home Started by: Kayleigh

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  • Kayleigh 2

    Wednesday 13th November me and my husband set of to Preston at 5am (from Newcastle) for my 8am admission time. When we got here I was put in my room, giving a gown and done my admission paperwork, I then had anethantist and nurses come in and out. My surgeon came in a drew and me and then I had 1 of my caulars fitted one of many!! 1st one made my hand blow up like a ball (still have bruise now 9days po) anyway I got took down at 10.30 for surgery…. I woke up in absolute agony! Screaming in so much pain! Smacking my self in the face as I physically couldn’t bare the pain… nurses didn’t do a thing! I begged for my husband so they took me to my room, asoon as he seen me he broke down I was still screaming begging for help and no one would help me with the pain! I’ve had previous ops (including BA) so I new I should of been comfortable…. at this point I thought I was going to die… my husband was frantic after 10mins of his begging for help I got morphine the pain slowly went. I have never ever experienced pain like it and believe you me I’ve had some issues in my past from cancer, to broken bones and this pain was to much to deal with! Anyway I had to have a 2nd Canular change as he wasn’t happy with the one I was used to be put to sleep with! My nurses were lovely especially my night shift nurse, her words were..’they haven’t gave you enough pain killers to dull a headache’ I was giving tramodol on tap! I slept good… had to ring my husband at 5.30am to come back to hospital to take me to the toilet as I had dropped my buzzer! 7am I was discharged and went home…Now the fun begins at home! I kept breaking down after what happened when I awoken from surgery! Pain was manageable at home the Saturday I had a ambulance at my door couldn’t breath… MYA emergency nurse didn’t answer her phone.. we rang 3 times!! Got discharged from A and E then Sunday I was back my leg had swollen… had blood test which confirmed I had a blood clot! Once again no sign of MYA anywhere to help! I’ve got bad numbness with constant burning in my right leg, no one at MYA can give me a answer! I’m currently 9 days post op, scars healing well but I’ll never forget this experience! I wanted a 2nd BA in a few years but I’ll be going with the company who done it originally even tho it was the same surgeon there after care was brilliant….. My surgeon is brilliant but MYA aftercare was the worst!

    Jemma Earey 16

    Sorry to hear you have had such a bad experience, I must say my experience was the total opposite to yours.

    How are you recovering now? Will you be sharing any before and after pictures?

    Kayleigh 2

    It was the worst experience of my life to be honest, the company I went with for my BA were faultless so I’ll be going back there for another BA, I won’t be putting any on here


    Oooh This is scary to read. I hope you recovered well after.
    I’m from Cardiff and would be travelling and in hospital alone 🙁

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