Needed an uplift but did not think you would? Started by: Jessica

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  • Jessica 4

    Is anyone willing to share their before pics of when they was told they needed an uplift but was not expecting to be told that? Or if you refused one but wished you had etc?

    Feeling anxious about what my appointment with Dr Mardi will bring in 2 weeks…


    Hey! I kind of knew i needed an uplift but really didn’t want one because of the scars. A few surgeons told me theyd be saggy but would still do it and then the surgeon i chose told me she wouldn’t even do the surgery if i didnt get an uplift. So i did it in the end and am sooo happy i did, even 6 weeks post op my scars are looking so good already so thats way less of a worry now. I’ll attach my before and afters from 2 weeks post op and now! I have 250cc implants btw x

    Jessica 4

    Yes please attached your Pics would love to see them 🙂


    Russy 2

    Hey, I would love to see too as had my consult the other day and he thinks I need a lift too which I’m reluctant about. Thank you

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