Nerves after booking breast reduction procedure? Started by: Megan

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  • Megan 1

    I’ve just booked my breast reduction operation for the 6th August with Dr Giannas and my deposit has come out of my account, but it’s all feeling too real.

    I’m feeling so overwhelmed right now and I can’t tell what I’m so scared of. It would be lovely to have some reassurance, possibly from people who have had the same procedure/surgeon to put my mind at ease and show me that I’m absolutely doing the right thing. I’ve wanted this for years but at 20 years old it will be my first operation and I’m so nervous and starting to get cold feet as a result.

    Please if anyone can share their stories with uplifting results to keep me motivated I will be so grateful.


    I feel the exact same at the moment. Booked to have a small reduction and up-lift in September and it all feels surreal. I’m going from a very droopy E/F hoping to a D.

    Would love some advice and before and afters?

    Abi 2

    Hi girls, I had a slight reduction and uplift 12th Feb 2020 with Mr Traynor so I’m 17weeks post op and I’m not just saying it but the best decision I’ve ever made. I am 30 years old and I don’t have kids but my boobs were heavy and saggy and one was a little bigger than the other. I stayed overnight in the Preston private hospital and everything went so smoothly. I was never in pain through the whole process just achy but totally bareable. Only was ever on paracetemol after my op when I was discharged. And now 17weeks on I feel my scarring is fading slowly but surely and I’m back to doing normal day to day things. If you have anymore questions let me know xxx

    Kelly 9

    I had my BR and uplift last Friday 24th (not with Mya). I had it done via local anaesthetic and sedation, was under the knife for 12 noon and home on the couch by 6pm. I went from a JJ cup to a C cup and am absolutely delighted with the results. I look like a completely different woman.

    I read online that a lot of people manage pain afterwards with just paracetamol- don’t be lulled into a false sense of security with these statements. It’s bloody painful, and I’m still taking tramadol occasionally 5 days later. Of course, it might be different if you are having less removed, I had over 1kg from each breast taken out and it’s one of the biggest reductions the surgeon had ever done.

    Overall, the pain is bearable, the results are incredible and I am beyond glad I did it. My online shopping baskets are full of tiny tops and bras, waiting on them settling so I can go a shopping spree.

    Oh and another bonus – in February I was trying on wedding dresses, and had to try on size 22s to get my boobs contained. I’m now wearing size 12 pyjamas.

    BR was the best decision ever!


    Hi Ladies,

    I wondered how you made the decision re which surgeon to go with for the procedure ? I have been recommended two different surgeons who both seem excellent and im struggling to know who to pick.


    Have you chosen any? Please let me know

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