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    Just about to leave the New Victoria hospital now and i honestly could’nt be happier.
    I had a BA and uplift 300cc with Mr Mileto and it was seamless.
    They look amazing!
    The New Victoria was like a hotel – has been such a good experience that i’m considering a rhinoplasty now!

    Lauren 1

    How is your recovery so far? I’m there on Nov 25, can’t wait!


    Hi Lauren!

    Are you having an uplift or just implants?

    The hospital was so nice! Honestly like a hotel, would have stayed a second night if i could.

    Im around 3 weeks post op now, and tbh it has been quite slow, the no showering is probably the worst part (14 days). I have been given the all clear to shower now but its not as easy as i thought it would be as they are so tight/tender and still not 100% healed. Because of that i’m sort of trying to shower every 2/3 days, so they have maximum chance to heal and dry up.
    Other than that it all went amazing, but i do already wish i had gone bigger:( they feel like they have reduced in size alot since immediately post op.
    Let me know if you have any other questions!

    Lauren 1

    I’m having a reagug and uplift. I had my first implants around 11 years ago and have had two kids since so it’s time they were redone! I’m so nervous about the recovery as I’ve only got a week off work, hoping that going over the muscule will mean my recovery isn’t too bad..

    Im scared of it feeling like they are too small too, ideally I want the same again or slightly bigger 😬

    Thanks for sharing though, it’s really helpful to know roughly what to expect

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