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    Hello everyone,

    It’s been a while since I posted on here but I just wanted to update everyone with my experience with Mya.

    I had my operation on the 8/2/20 with mr Netri going from a B cup to a E cup with 375cc over the muscle high profiles. Overall I am happy with my results and the healing process has been amazing for me, they look very natural which is what I was wanting to achieve and just feel like my own boobs again now.

    Back in 2020 I had a 1 week post op appointment and a 2 weeks post op appointment where I had my bandages removed. (I believe that was all the post op appointments I had it was a long time ago so unsure) I was then told I’d be booked in in a few weeks for my appointment with mr netri so he could look at my results and sign me off and give me my before and after photos. However then due to the covid 19 pandemic my appointment was cancelled which I totally understood. I was told they would be back in touch to reschedule an appointment with me. After about 2 month I was contacted to arrange an appointment with mr netri via Skype so he could look at my results, I had to cancel this appointment due to work and explained I would rather be seen in person so he could have a proper look at my results, they told me this was fine and they would be in contact to reschedule. Fast forward to January 2021 I had received no contact from Mya to check in on me or with a new appointment with my surgeon this was quite annoying for me as I could see on social media and this forum that other girls had managed to book surgery during the Covid period yet I was nearly 1 year post op and had only been seen twice and had no contact what so ever in the last 5-6 months ?

    Like I said my healing process was fine and LUCKILY I had no issues however Mya wouldn’t know this as they never contacted me to see how I was doing or if I had any concerns.

    I rang them in January to explain I hadn’t been contacted for a long period of time and wondered when my appointment would be with mr netri. I was told I couldn’t have an appointment as he is full and need to go onto a waiting list to be seen in the practise I go to for my appointments! I think this is disgusting considering the amount of money I’ve paid and I was constantly reassured I would be checked in on and someone would always be there to make sure I was fine.

    I think they should take care of their previous patients instead of booking new patients in for procedures when I’ve only been seen twice in a 1 year period.

    I paid for my operation using the Mya deposit scheme and I make monthly repayments which had been stopped due to the covid 19 pandemic and me being furloughed, I still make monthly repayments and I get rang every month by the finance team to see if there’s any changes to my circumstances. It’s a shame they couldn’t contact me as much about my health care as they do about my finance.

    Like I said I am happy with the results of my op I just feel let down by the service I’ve been provided with I totally understand we have a pandemic going on but it’s been one year since my op and I’ve been seen twice by a nurse and I don’t even know when I will be seen again as I’m on a waiting list. Sorry for the long post but i just wanted to update everyone on my situation. Looking back I don’t regret my op I just wish I’d done more research into the company I had chosen to go with.

    Nadj 4

    I have the same issue, I had my surgery exactly 1 year ago and I only had 1 post op assessment. Someone was supposed to call me back in January regarding an appointment with the surgeon yet I’m still waiting. It’s disgusting service. I paid in full, they are quite happy to take your money but don’t arrange follow up appointments. I preciously went with the hospital group for my first surgery and there service was 10x better than Mya, wish I had stuck with them.


    Hi Nadj

    I’m sorry to hear you’ve experienced the same! Like I said I paid using the half deposit and rest on finance option however I still expected to receive a good service! I just posted this to see if anyone else had the same issue as me. I feel so let down I rang again yesterday and was told the same that my surgeon has no dates to see me yet I see girls have ops booked with him. I definitely will be going else where for my next op. I hope you get seen to soon! Please keep me updated xxx

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