not telling boyfriend about boob job?!! Started by: arabella

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    i dont know if i should feel bad about this but my op is in 5 days and my bf has no clue 😭. i know he’ll say that i dont need them, waste of money etc but its something i’ve wanted for agesss. we dont live together because i’m in uni but the next time i’ll see him will be 6 weeks from my op (my birthday 😫). i’m hoping my boobs would’ve dropped and fluffed by 6 weeks because i really dont want him finding out, i dont want him to see me as insecure and i’m hoping the results will be natural enough anyways. I’ve only told one person about my op who is my friend but apart from that i havent told anyone else!! is there anyone who has an op soon that wants a boobie buddy?? would love to talk to someone while i’m in the healing process by myself haha

    thank you!! xx


    I had my surgery on 4th March if you have any questions 😊


    Hey. I just replied to your other post about size. I’ve only told my partner and my parents and that’s it. Everyone else will just have to guess or ask if they are brave enough. Like you said though, I’m also hoping mine won’t be too obvious and natural enough that people won’t notice. Happy to talk through the healing process as my surgery is the 20th


    added both of you!

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