Op tomorrow and NO BRA!!!! Started by: Kathrine Parker

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    What can I do 😭😭 my admission is 07am and no bra- mya ordered them for me and there still not here!! So frustrating, £72 I paid and nothing. Any advice where I can get them from at such short notice and with all the shops CLOSEd 😭😭

    Cat 15

    You can order on macom website for same day if you are central London, if not it is next day before 1pm, you can always do that one and have it delivered to the hospital and ask one of the staff to sign for it ??? Have you tried contacting your PC? Hope you manage to get one sorted x

    Mona 11

    Is m&s closed? They’re ones are so good I’d try there if they’re open which I’m sure they are. Don’t stress babe it will work out c

    Amy 1

    I’ve seen people post on here about Asda sports bras, they will still be open so you could try there x

    Nadj 4

    The same happened to me but I didn’t find out until I turned up to the hospital. The nurse said just to nip to shop for a sports bra just so I had something to put on after surgery. The Asda ones are better than the macom x

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