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    Hey people! Just wanted some advice..

    i am not with Mya I am with another company and currently been told my op (nose job) will not go ahead due to my past medical history of depression.

    I used to to have depression and was last treated until December 2015 for it and I felt better in myself so came off anti depressants and never felt depressed again. A lot of factors played such as a break up and finance stress but this has improved massively (otherwise I would not be paying 6k for a nose op!!).

    So during my pre op I declared my pmh of depression and I was told all my medical notes needed to be sent relevant to depression. All my notes to do with it have disappeared since 2013 and my practice surgery’s medical clerk has no idea where?? So I can’t seem to convince anyone that I’m fit for the op and the surgeon said it’s not sufficient and he’s not happy to operate on me. My operation was meant to be Next week and I quit a job for it earlier than I wanted to. ( I’m a registered nurse myself). I feel disheartened because I’m no longer poorly but everyone seems to think that I am. I wanted this rhinoplasty since a very young age and I have gone backwards and forwards with my gp. My surgeon asked me to have a psychiatric review and letter to say I don’t need a psychiatrist which makes absolutely no sense! My gp refused to refer me to a psych because she said it’s not needed. There are very poorly people who require a psychiatrist who are on a waiting list so it’s unacceptable for me to be referred! She said she is happy to do me a letter but seeing as she met me first time she cannot say I am fit to have the op and can only highlight what’s in my medical notes so it may somewhat be pointless. Does anyone know what I should do 🙁


    Hi I’ve a history of depression and still on anti depressants, had a nose job in January with mya


    Hiya, I also got rejected in February for my medical history, where for the past few years I’d been fine but had a down period in December where I was unwell. My patient coordinator was amazing and said they would prefer if I came back like 6-9 months later just to make sure everything was ok. As devastated as I was at the time, I’m now so happy they said that as it shows they really care about your mental health and I even went for another consultation elsewhere today just to confirm that I knew it was MYA I wanted to go for- they rushed me in as if I was just a number and didn’t ask about medical history or reason for wanting surgery. I told them the way they dealt with me was so off putting I definitely wouldn’t be back. It’s a huge life decision and should be supported by the right people so it’s shouldn’t knock you down, just take a bit more time and try to get an appointment with your GP to discuss your options.

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