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    Hi, i’m currently saving for an otoplasty. the thing is i only want it done on one side. One ear is perfectly normal and doesn’t stick out at all..whereas the other one is almost at a 45 degree angle. It has caused me much distress for the past 19 years, keeping me in a nervous and shy shell. I don’t want to have to hide under hair for the rest of my life and so NEED this surgery. Does anyone know if the price will be less because i am only technically having half the surgery? Thanks!

    Alice 4

    I would ask for a consultation and see what they say, you shouldn’t have to pay for a full procedure if they’re only doing half, but remember it won’t be half the price due to the anaesthetic, surgeon price, theatre room etc. Just ask, it’s a valid and reasonable question ☺️ Good luck!

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