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    I have slightly tubular breasts and at my consultation was advised overs because of shape. I’m currently a 34b and want to be a DD/E… Did anyone else have similar with tubular breasts and what did you have? I’m worried that overs will look and feel fake! Any comments and pictures would be appreciated xx


    Hey Jamine

    I haven’t had mine done but my op is in a month! I’m a 34b and have mild tubular breasts. I’m having 275 HP overs, my doctor said this will take me to a D.

    I was also worried about them looking fake but he has ensured me they’re going to look really natural. Also with tubular breasts he said you have to have overs because you need to stretch the skin to get the correct shape and to get the fullness on the top.

    Hope this helps xx

    Jasmine 4

    Hi! Oh I see, yeah my only worry was the look and feel! Omg how exciting, I can’t wait to book mine! Goodluck xx

    Hannah 29

    Hi Jasmine. I have slightly tuberous breasts also and having HP overs. I went into my consultation with the idea of unders as I an an AA bra size with very little breast tissue. However on examination I actually have a decent amount of usable breast tissue and my surgeon said going under would cause the implants to be too high up for my frame. He assured me they will look natural. The only real reason unders were established was to reduce capsular contracture and I’m using textured implants to reduce that risk and to prevent rippling. Hope this helps. Keep us posted!


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