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    2 weeks post op. Everything went fine, haven’t felt that must pain and nurses were amazing. First few days were a struggle and had a lot of swelling. Only thing that is really irritating me is the itchiness it started around about 4 days post op and hasn’t started to go at all, I’m finding it so unbareable, especially at night. Has anyone had this and has anything helped to stop it?

    Tinker96 2

    I am a week post op now and I mentioned this to my nurse and she said it’s just the stitches maybe give her a call and she can trim them down for you? Other than that just keep it as clean as possible I’d say she told me to use warm salt and water with a cotton pad and wipe it down several times a day just keep on top of the cleanliness but it’s defo the stitches as I’m experiencing that now too! Has your swelling or bruising gone by this stage?


    I mentioned it at my one week appt and she said it’s normal, I explained to her that it was unbareable but she didn’t really say anything. Oo I’ll try the warm salt and water as I haven’t heard anyone else mention that. I still have slight swelling more on the right side than the left but apart from that the bruising has completely gone from what I can tell and my nurse said everything is healing nicely

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