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    Hi ladies!

    I have my uplift & implants booked for July! So excited but I have a few questions 😂

    Has anyone had their surgery far from home? What’s the post op care like? I’m having my surgery in Preston but live in the highlands (Scotland) do you have to go to the clinic for post op dressing changes etc or have you had this done by your GP/nurse?

    How is scaring/recovery around the 4 week mark?


    Any pre and post op pics welcome!

    AshleyH 1

    following, I’m Edinburgh and have my first consult with surgeon end of July. x

    Bee 36

    I live in Wales and had my surgery in the Harley Street clinic, which is quite far from home! However follow ups were easier as I only had to travel to Bristol. You can’t avoid the following ups though so I think you would need to go to Preston still for your dressings to be checked etc? Recovery is so much better at 4 weeks however don’t expect things to be practically back to normal by then! It took me around 8-12 weeks to properly heal I would say: keep taking photos because you notice all the changes but prepare for healing to take some time. Your body also needs to adjust after taking all the painkillers. The constipation was the worst bit for me!! (TMI I know) xx

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