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    Hi. I’m due to have BR surgery in a few weeks and have read about discontent with macam bras. Anyone post op have suggestions re alternates? Or where they bought the macam? I though MYA sold them cheaper than macam site but can’t find anything in their website.

    Jessica 1

    Hey! I had BR! Having to go back in for surgery as my scars haven’t healed properly! I used macom last time and didn’t find them comfortable at all! I sold them after my surgery but am in the same boat as you as need to find some! X


    Hi all, I used M&S high impact front zip sports bras. My surgeon was very impressed with the quality of the bra (only £25). Must say, I’m usually a 32/34 back but I had to get a 38.. probably to do with swelling etc.


    Hello guys sorry to join in! I had my BR on 05 Jan after years of turmoil. I even booked it in 2015 and chickened out!! Anyway I am using Macom bra and it’s so uncomfortable. The long bit at the bottom which is supposed to sit a couple of inches under the boob keeps rolling up because my belly is slightly too fat haha I am worried it is rubbing on the incision line underneath. I have also bought the M&S one mentioned in a 38 (I am usually a 34) and it would not go round me at all. I think I need to google some good ones. Did any of you find any really good ones in the end?

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