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    Hi there!
    I’m currently still in the research stages of breast augmentation and wondered if anyone could share their opinions/experiences with pregnancy after augmentation, how it has effected the implants/look etc or whether it has affected your pregnancy (e.g. breast feeding).

    Im 23, I have wanted bigger boobs for years but I’m also at the stage of wanting to start a family.
    On one hand I understand why it may be a good idea to wait, however I hope to have at least 3 children, so that would mean I would be waiting a long time before I get the boobs I’ve always dreamt of.
    Don’t want to spend years unhappy with myself!
    I am 32A and 5ft tall and frequently get mistaken for a child, which is really upsetting too!

    Thoughts, pictures, experiences welcome!

    Thank you 🙂



    I have mine 9 years ago and since had 2 children, could still breastfeed but my boobs are loads different from before. I’m currently looking into having them done again xx


    Hi there,

    Could you possibly expand on how they are different?
    If you’re willing to share before and after pictures that would be great for me to see also.

    Thank you for your response!

    Chantelle 7

    Hi mine was affected after pregnancy as my boobs grew and then retracted back after pregnancy so I was left with loose skin and some mild sagging but they did still look good though, I’ve just had a them redone. Pic was after pregnancy

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