Push up bras Started by: Kirsty

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  • Kirsty 21

    Does anyone know how safe it is to wear a push up bra? I’m 6 weeks post op and nurse said its ok to wear normal bras now, but I forgot to ask her whether wearing a push up bra could affect the shape of the implants.. I’m happy that I’m no longer flat chested but as they’re so far apart on my chest I’d like to be able to push them up and closer together! Xx

    Fionajsd 131

    I was told not to wear underwired bras all the time at my six week check but I’m sure the odd time a push up bra would be fine 🙂

    Kirsty 21

    Ah ok I wasn’t told that so wasn’t sure! Thank you 🙂 x @fionajsd

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