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    I had my boobs done 10 years ago. Had Allergan CUI 350 Low profile overs.
    12.8 wide
    4.3 profile
    Loved them for a few years then had another baby . Now all sagged and have no upper pole.
    They never gave much projection but now have non along with one dropping a lot more than the other.
    Anyway …
    Having surgery with Mr Mojano in oct. Only had a telephone consultation yet so not discussed sizes. Just wondering roughly how much bigger they recommend you go second time due to the pockets stretching .
    I went for a wide implant first time so to get a bigger projection with that width I’d be looking at 500cc HP.
    Any girls around 5”4 . 9 1/2 stone gone this size. A bit worried they’ll be a bit big.
    Also having a nipple reduction (not areola) if anyone has ever had this.
    I’m not with Mya – will be with MPH.
    Thanks x

    Charley 8

    I had quite big breast pre babies (32E) After breastfeeding both I was left with very empty skin sacks and not even filling a C cup.
    I am 5ft 1 and 7 stone 7.
    To refill my breasts back to their original form and to give enough projection I had to have 450cc HP texture Unders.
    Quite happy to send you some pictures of it helps.


    Hi, that would be great if you don’t mind. I’m really struggling to figure out how you work out the best size after already having implants in. Sat here with a tape measure ha
    Did you have implants pre babies? X


    Hi. I had 275cc low profile overs many years ago, had a baby and they also lost upper pole, sagged and one bigger than the other just like you described!
    I had mine redone yesterday and now have 500cc hp overs. Pockets were big enough so straight forward so far. I’m taller however at 5ft 9 and 10 stone 6, size 12, prev a small D. No idea what I’ll end up being now when they’ve settled but no bigger than a dd/e I suspect. They don’t look too big at all, but they’re all packed up in pre op bra so no pics yet x


    Hyaaaa how much was your reaug with MYA?
    I had mine done 10 years ago and looking to get redone xx I also want yo go bigger
    I’m 410cc under muscle

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