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    Hi ladies in researching before committing in 45 and have been wanting a reduction for a long time, I never had big boobs till I had kids then went from a 32a to a 36D May but seem huge but it is for me and not asymmetrical so wanting a reduction and lift, I’m a little worried about the nipple situation I read about removal and doing something I’m assuming changing size or cutting around and moving up? Mine are quite big but I’d rather do whatever it takes to minimise risk of losing them, my nearest hospital is Preston any advice welcome x


    Hi Lindsay, I had a reduction with implants in October 22, they do not remove your nipple they cut round and reattach it higher..sounds horrendous I know but honestly after the 3rd day I was absolutely fine, ive had a slight set back as my left implant hasn’t dropped into place like it should im booked in for correction surgery in Jan 24 free of charge, they do look after you and I don’t regret having the surgery despite me needing another operation, I had my surgery with Mr mardhi at Preston. I took photos of my progress after surgery if you would like to know more I’ll be more that happy to give you my number x

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