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    Hi I just thought I’d post on here with my experience so far just incase anybody else was debating on going through with this same procedure.

    I’m 31 years old and since I grew boobs I have always been incredibly uneven with about 3 cup sizes difference, and one breast incredibly low with a very low pointing nipple. I was always so so embarrassed and low in confidence. I also really struggled to find bras and bikinis to fit me that would also cover my issue so people wouldn’t notice.

    I had been looking into having breast surgery for about 13 years or so but have always chickened out of it because even the thought of showing a surgeon my breasts made me feel so so uncomfortable. Eventually in November last year I plucked up the courage to book an econsult with MYA. I decided to go with MYA because they had always been on my radar since first looking, and when I had a personal recommendation that was a good enough reason for me.

    From my initial e-consult with Aurora I was made to feel extremely comfortable and all my worries put to ease. I had my nurse and surgeon consultations at the Bristol clinic, They allocated me Dr Anna De Leo as one of her special areas was asymmetrical breasts, again Dr De Leo made me feel so so confident with her being my surgeon. She was also very realistic with because they were so different they may not end up completely the same and that they would be ‘sisters and not twins’. We decided to go for an uplift with 375cc implant on the left side and then a reduction with 350cc implant on the right side. I also chose the xtra gel implant as I wanted the look of a high cleavage.

    I am now 4 days post surgery and can I just say I never in my wildest dreams imagined that I would be so obsessed and so in love with my new breasts as I am now, I’m still in awe and in shock that they are actually mine.

    I had my operation at the London Welbeck clinic on Saturday 13th January, I had an admission time of 7am. I went in for surgery at around 9.30am roughly and my first memory after coming around I was back in my private room being regularly checked on by my very friendly and helpful nurses (really sorry I cannot remember their names). Throughout the day and night they made me feel so so cared for and well looked after, I can’t thank them enough.

    Dr Anna De Leo came to see me the next morning and explained a few things for post care that I would need to do and she said she was very happy with how the surgery went.

    I have my post operative appointment with the nurse on Friday to see how the healing is going but honestly I feel so happy already and can’t wait to be completely healed so I can finally wear that backless dress and flattering bikini!

    This is just my way of saying, if it’s something that can change your life as much as I think it already has mine, then go for it and at least go for that initial first consult 🙂

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    Hi Sam, I am looking at this same procedure -Mand potentially also with Anna De Leo. Do you have any before and after pictures please that you would be happy to share? X

    Sam 5

    Hi Katie! I would totally recommend Dr De Leo, I couldn’t be more happy with my current healing and how they look! :).

    The first picture is me before surgery,
    the second is directly after waking up from surgery
    The 3rd is 1week post op,
    and the 4th is now at at 3.5 weeks post op

    Honestly the pain has been barely anything compared to what I thought, the healing is going so well (just lots of rest) and couldn’t be happier with the results so totally recommend 🙂

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    Hey Sam, thanks for this! How are you doing now? I’m booked in in 4 weeks starting to feel a bit nervous! X


    I am having similar I am having reduction and implants with her- just wondered how was your pain after I am abit nervous for that

    Jemma 2

    Thank you so much for sharing Sam. I’m due to have a reduction and implants with Dr Ana in 5 weeks and I’m so excited and nervous. So glad your happy with the results 😁

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