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    Hi Ladies,

    My surgery is in 1 weeks time!!(JULY 2023) I’m having a reduction and uplift without any implants but cannot find hardly any pictures out there for reference. I’m currently a 32E and wanted to be a B cup, I’ve wanted to get rid since they grew as a teenager. Surgeon advised he possibly couldn’t get me smaller than a C but again would be confirmed post surgery. I’ve had 2 kids and boobs have been 34HH during my pregnancies so I have lots of sag and extra skin so ideally want to be as small as possible with the removal of all the excess skin.. please attach your pictures or experiences, I’m supper anxious for the outcome!


    Hi, how did your surgery go. Which surgeon did the op?

    Emily 3

    Hey lovely. How did your surgery go? Who did you have it with? x


    Hi lovely ladies I’m all booked in for 1 November. I’m just wondering did anyone have liposuction with their reduction to remove under arm fat. I’m thinking of adding it. But not sure if it would be necessary. Advice please 🙏🏾

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