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    Hi Ladies!
    I have my surgery booked for the 1st July. After my consultation and trying on sizes etc I have 2 different sizes in mind. I have one breast larger then the other so I will either go for 350cc & 375cc Or 375cc & 400cc over the muscle. I’m 5ft8 and around 10 and a half stone, I’ve got quite broad shoulders and I’m not super skinny (size 10 top/ 12 bottom) and currently wear a C cup (but to be honest, I dont fill it!) I know I’m stressing over nothing as there’s not much difference with the sizes but I wondered if anyone had similar stats with any before and after pictures? Also if anyone has their surgery around the same time as me I’d love to be able to support each other as I don’t know anyone who’s had the procedure! Thanks girlies!x

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    Rose 4

    Just to add! When I tried on the sizes in my consultation (with the chicken fillet thingys) I preferred the 350&375 and thought the 375&400 were just slightly too big, does anyone know how accurate these are compared to the after the surgery? I don’t want to go for the smaller size if they look smaller when actually under your skin x


    I’ve had my surgery postponed due to covid 19 but I’ve done a lot of research and I’ve seen so many people regret going too small (they apparently appear much smaller when under the skin), and there is only a slight difference between the 2 sizes, I’d go with the bigger sizes just to be on the safe side x

    Rose 4

    Thanks! I’ve booked with Dr Netri’s surgery and the hospital is now carrying out procedures so I’m lucky enough to not have it postponed!

    Cassie 1

    Hey Rose,

    I have my surgery on the 3rd July, a couple days after yours and I’m so excited!

    I’d go for the bigger size as E Walker recommended as apparently if you go under the muscle you lose 4% of the size

    I’m a complete different size to you, I’m really short and small so my surgeon has only let me go to 300cc max and I know some surgeons do let you go bigger as well but I trust his judgement as I want it to look proportioned to my body


    Nadj 4

    Hi, my first BA I was 32c and had 375cc which took me to a 32E. I have since had 450cc which took me to 32F. I’m 9stone and 5ft 4. Originally I panicked when I had the 450cc first done as felt they were too big but I am now 3 months post op and they have settled really well and look in proportion with my body. Your surgeon will only allow you to go as big as what breast tissue you have if your going over the muscle which I did. I would personally go for the bigger sizes as 25cc doesn’t make that much difference


    This seems to be a good convo to advice me
    I am 5ft7 and around 11st 5 I have been offered. Round. UHP. 455 overs.
    If anyone has any pics close to that please share. Just dont want to go to big but ovs gained weight after having 2 kids.
    Thank yu

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