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    I’m looking for people similar to me i am pretty much flat and want to achieve a C small D
    Please can anyone advise what cc you had if you are similar to me

    Before and after pics would be great

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    I was an A cup and had 550cc overs and was hoping for a DD Cup unfortunately I am like a C cup and so so disappointed honestly!!
    I didn’t have mine with MYA but most days wish I did!!


    I am due to have my operation on 26th April and I have been advised that I can choose from 225cc 250cc 275cc or 300cc, I have chosen 300cc but my surgeon – Gary Traynor advised no larger than that as I have quite a small frame.

    I am 32A
    Size 6-8

    I will upload pics after 😊 hope this helps a little xx

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    I’m also an A cup and trying to figure out what size would be best for me! Meeting my surgeon in Leeds on 23rd for first consultation!


    I had my BA in 2015, I was 19, I was a 32AA and my boobs were tubular looking.

    I had ultra high profile – 350cc, under the muscle. I’m now a 32F/ 30FF. However, If you have moderate profile or even just high profile this could be completely change your end result.

    If I could go back in time I’d have have gone smaller. If I want to have a revision and go to say 200cc I’m likely to have to have an uplift too. I’m a size 8 and fitting into blouses and things is tricky for me. I adored them when I was younger but not so happy now. But we all have a different look that we want etc x

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