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  • Dennise 8

    Hi guys! Lovely to hopefully speak to you! I need to pick your brains! I have my surgery booked for the 25th March with Mr Giannas, I’m having 375cc high profile, dual plane technique. Now I am completely decided between the two types of implant? The whole cancer thing is making me question the textured but the whole not staying in place is putting me off the smooth? I know each has pros & cons but I’m completely lost at the moment, can anyone help/ advise behind your rational of having yours done & why you went for that type? Thank you so much! X

    thielmikayla -1

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    Christina 2

    Hi there,

    I hope your surgery went well 💕I’m in the exact same dilemma and can’t decide if I should go smooth or textured, please can I ask what you went for in the end?

    Thank you 🙂 x

    Brie 1

    I’d also love to know as I’m looking to book for Jan and honestly choosing between the two is my biggest headache right now!

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