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    Hi, yesterday I went for my consultation in Nottingham and I am meeting Dr Mounir next week. Has anyone got any before and after pics with Dr Mounir please? If so I would really appreciate this if you could show me. I’m wanting to go for a natural look, as I’m a size 6/8 so have quite a small frame and Dr Mounir was recommended to me. I’m just a little worried as in the photo album they showed me some of them looked stuck on almost like round balloons, I know this is how some people want there’s, as some of my friends went for this look, but all I want is a natural look so that I feel more feminine and confident within myself. I’m wanting to go to a 32C maybe a 32D?

    Any pics or advice would be really appreciated !

    Lauren x


    Hey! @laurenjadec 🙂 My clinic is Nottingham and my Surgeon is Dr Mounir and PC is Kimberly Howarth. I absolutely adored Dr Mounir! Compared to other surgeons he is so so friendly. I saw Dr Kazzazi and he was quite rude really! Didn’t make eye contact, treated me like a piece of meat.

    I really trusted his judgement and we went with 480 to achieve an E or small F. I’m currently measuring F at 4 weeks 🙂 Very pleased with my outcome! You’re in very safe and capable hands! Xx

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