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    Hi everyone, I’ve just had my follow up consultation with Mr Giannas for a modified mastopexy (periareola) and augmentation. I’m 5”5 and a size 10-12, currently a 34D but very empty up top after having kids. I’m looking at 325cc round overs (or thereabouts), but can’t decide between mod plus and high profile. Last week when I tried them on I felt like mod plus might suit my frame better. Mr Giannas said I was quite wide around my chest. But today he said I wouldn’t get as much fullness up top with mod plus. I’m worried high would look too fake, I’d rather a natural look. But similarly I do want them rounded and worry the mod plus would look too ‘bottom heavy’. If anyone has pics of theirs of either profile starting from a similar size/frame as me, I would really appreciate it!


    My first boobs I got ultra high profile and my second I got mod plus, the ultra high profile did look very stuck on but I was really flat chested

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