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    Hey gals, I’ve got my BA operation a week today and was wondering what I need to take with me? Also where’s a good place to buy v/ maternity pillows?
    Thank you xx

    Emma 29

    Hi are you a day case or overnight ? I got my v pillow from Amazon and I love it xx

    maya henry 47

    I got myself the Dorma V pillow from Dunelm and I love it! Will probably sleep with it forever now lol I can’t be without it. Dunelm also have a 10 year guarantee on the pillowcases they sell for them xx

    Nikita 1

    I got my v pillow from Amazon.
    On the day I took slipper socks (I walked to theatre), pjs the fastened up the front, and my dressing down, and obviously my support bra.
    I just took my AirPods to watch the tele on my phone, even though my hospital room had a tv the signal was rubbish.
    Good luck! xx

    Nikita 1

    CnA Stores Orthopaedic V-Shaped Pillow Extra Cushioning Support For Head, Neck & Back (Grey, V-pillow With Cover)

    Mona 11

    I would take V pillow like you said, a blanket and or dressing gown. A loose zip up sweatshirt, Vaseline/lip salve, scrunchy hair band, ear phones or mags in case you have a long wait and comfy shoes like uggs or sliders when you leave!
    I also took a little bit of makeup and put a bit on before I left (only like concealer lipstick and mascara 🤣) and deodorant and body spray as you can’t put deodorant on before so Wanted to freshen up! This last bit was just personal choice not a need haha x💕


    Thank you so much girls!! Xx

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